Submarine Officers’ Spouses’ Association

SOSA promotes morale building and community service opportunities for all submarine officers spouses in Kitsap County, WA.

Silver and Gold Auction happening Saturday, March 12th at Bangor Plaza:

The 2022 Silver and Gold Auction is scheduled for March 12, 2022 at Bangor Plaza.

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If you have a donation item or would like to help with the auction, contact Amber Grant, Auction Chair, at

Membership: 2021 – 2022

As of February 1, 2022, the cost of membership has dropped to $15!!!

We are having such an exciting 2021 – 2022 SOSA-WA year. We’ve actually had the opportunity to have several fun in-person events this year (e.x. Welcome Tea, Holiday Party, SOSA Meetings, etc). We continue to be a very active organization, even during the Pandemic restrictions. Throughout the Pandemic times, we continued to do amazing things via virtual meetings and events. This year we are working hard to get back to our normal yearly program. We are also planning to continue to do some events virtually in order to allow more opportunities for our members to participate.

Did you know…Significant Others (as verified by the Command) are eligible to join SOSA-WA as Associate Members.

Please take a moment and fill out the 2021 – 2022 membership form so we can keep you up to date on all the upcoming events.

Dues can be paid on-line ( or make checks payable to SOSA-WA and bring it to a function or mail it to:

SOSA-WA, Attn: Membership
PO Box 6043
Silverdale, WA 98315

Types of SOSA-WA membership:

  • Active members– Spouses of all active duty, reserve, or retired officers, living or deceased, in the United States Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard who have served or are serving on a submarine or at a submarine support command (e. g., naval bases, training facilities, maintenance facilities, tenders, rescue vessels, escort vessels and security forces that support submarines).
  • Associate members– Significant others of active-duty service members as verified by their command, and Spouses of all active duty, reserve, or retired United States military officers, living or deceased, who have not served on a submarine or at a submarine support command, as well as spouses of foreign naval officers, and spouses of civil-service GS-8 and above.