Social Clubs

Social Clubs are how we will all really get a chance to meet and get to know each other! We are also hoping to launch some great social clubs outside of meetings times. This will give us an opportunity to really expand the group and include members in events who don’t find themselves available on weekday mornings! If you have any suggestions or feedback on Social Clubs or Events that you would like to see, please contact one of the Board Members.

What does it mean to be a Social Club leader?

  • sending event notifications to interested members.
  • Coordinating with Members
  • Finding event locations

Dinner Club
Club Organizer: Anna Lopiccolo

  • A fun monthly gathering of members who dine at different restaurants in the area

Book Club
Club Organizer: Lisa Haggerty

  • Monthly gathering of members to discuss books

Children’s Playgroup
Club Organizer: Vacant

Game Night
Club Organizer: Vacant

Run/Walk Club
Club Organizer: Vacant