SOSA-WA needs you! Below is a list of our Standing and Special Committees and a brief description of each. The Committees are run completely by volunteers who donate their time and talents.

If you would like to volunteer as chairperson, Co-chair with another member, or serve on a committee please contact Ashley Fletcher,

Silver and Gold Auction

If you are interested in Chairing or serving on the Silver and Gold Auction Committee please visit our (link to Volunteer Sign up Page)


Social Media Administrator/Historian
Chairperson: Vacant

  • Manage SOSA-WA Social Media page (Facebook )
  • Act as, or appoint a, SOSA-WA photographer for all SOSA-WA functions
  • Post upcoming SOSA-WA events and meetings on Facebook page.
  • Update Facebook page monthly with pictures of SOSA-WA events, information on Navy history, Submarines or other historical topics.
  • Become familiar with the history of SOSA-WA


Chairperson: Vacant

  • Provide greetings to all meeting attendees at the door during general and make them feel welcome.
  • Organize volunteers to provide snacks for general meetings.


SOSA in Action
Chairperson: Vacant

  • Committee chair looks for needs around our community (food drives, toy drives, clothes drives, etc)
  • organizes SOSA members to help


Chairperson: Lisa Haggerty

  • Be a liaison for commands to provide membership information to new arrivals.
  • Provide membership information/flyers at all SOSA-WA meetings and functions.
  • Collect membership fees and turn over to the SOSA-WA Treasurer.
  • Type and print the Membership roster for distribution at every other monthly meeting starting in October.
  • Provide name tags for monthly General Membership meetings.
  • Notify appropriate committee chairpersons of a new member’s interest in their committee as indicated on the new member’s Membership Application.
  • Seek Command Representatives for each command


Chairperson: Rachel Smith

  • Publish a SOSA-WA monthly newsletter from September to June, to be mailed or e-mailed to all members, including one complimentary copy to visitors and guests.


Dolphin Store
Manager/Chairperson: Jacy Teele

For Volunteer opportunities at the Dolphin Store please contact Jacy Teele,

Dolphin Store Treasurer: Vacant
Dolphin Store Volunteers: Needed

  • Oversee and support the operation of the Dolphin Store.
  • The Dolphin Store committee shall consist of a Store Coordinator, a Treasurer, a Buyer and a Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Duties of the Dolphin Store Committee shall also be carried out in accordance with the Dolphin Store Guidelines, including monthly financial reports to the PHSOSA


Chairperson: Rachel Smith

  • Must have a good working knowledge of WordPress CMS software.
  • Ensure the website fee is paid yearly (in April)
  • Update website in a timely manner to include submissions from the Executive Board Members and Committee Chairpersons.


Childcare Coordinator
Chairperson: Teresa Clark

  • Secure a childcare provided for each General Membership meeting
    • Each childcare provided shall watch no more than 5 children
  • Collect money from each parent and disseminate to childcare providers
  • Maintain a list of childcare providers
  • Maintain SOSA-WA toybox